Brightons Dirty Sleazy Alternative Rock & Punk Covers Band

About Dish the Dirt

There's nothing you can really do to prepare to rock. Do you prepare to eat a delicious meal? Are you hungry? Then you're gonna eat it.

Jack Black
If you are looking for a nice middle of the road Rock covers band we are certainly not for you, if you are looking for something loud and edgey that will keep you dancing all night then you have come to the right place.
We have some hard rocking tunes to play you but don't worry, we don't take ourselves too seriously were gonna make you dance but you're gonna have fun with it.
You can expect to hear songs from My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Muse, The Beastie Boys, Greenday, Blink 182, Motorhead, offspring, Ash, Kieser Chiefs, marylin Manson, Royal Blood, Electric Six, White Stripes, The Hives, Andrew W K, Alkaline trio and so much more...... perhaps even songs from .... Disney??

Meet The Team

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Hello & Welcome!

Jamie once saved a family of kittens trapped in a tree by hacking the tree down with a Gibson SG, when he got them down to safety it turned out they were squirrels .


Nice to meet!

Liam does not colour his hair, in this photograph he had recently fallen asleep in a pub toilet and his hair was permanatly couloured by a mixture of bathroom bleach and bloo-loo.


Wubba - lubba dub dub!

You may be fooled into thinking that Rich likes to stare at his High Tom but the fact is if he ever makes eye contact with a living creature its mind will explode from the raw rhythmic power contained in his cranium!

Dr Beat (MD)

Hey baby, How you doin'?

Lou lives on a luxuary yact permanatly moored in a private harbour in Yacht Club de Monaco, he only ever steps foot on dry land for rehersals, gigs and to enter his thoroughbred horse into dressage tournaments.

Mr Bass Man

What people say?

Just really wanna see you play again!!!

Lisa - Worthing

What people say?

You can't just stand in here and stare at the magasines, either buy something or get out!

The Manager at the Co-Op.

What people say?

Why do you have to play so loud, surely you have some trousers without holes in the legs all those people will see them when you are up on stage you know.

My Mum.


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